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During our slow roasts at lower temperatures, more incompatible tannins and bitterns are transformed into compatible ones. That's why EMEC brands contain far less harmful acidity than conventionally roasted coffees and treat your palate to a firework of flavors. You can enjoy our Caffè at any time of the day - it is gentle on the acid balance of your stomach.


More than 900 different aromas make up the unique scent of a good Caffè, the coffee bean contains a fascinating variety of its own essential oils. Our gentle roasting brings out most of them to their fullest. We use all our knowledge and craftsmanship to achieve this. Just as gentle as our roasting processes are our coffees!


Current scientific studies prove the positive, health-promoting effects of high-quality coffee. This is because many of its ingredients exhibit high antioxidant activity. Antioxidants have the reputation of preventing or delaying destructive processes in our cells. In this way, they protect your body from free radicals.

Coffee stimulates. Through the mouth and stomach, the valuable ingredients of coffee enter our blood and distribute throughout our body with the bloodstream. Caffeine crosses the blood-brain barrier almost unhindered, thus quickly reaching the brain and acting on the central nervous system - stimulating and increasing: caffeine improves reaction time and mental performance when you previously felt tired.

But caffeine can do much more: it is considered a mild painkiller and is used in some medications as a supportive analgesic, for example to relieve headaches or migraines. No drug has so many positive effects on the body - without harmful side effects!

Caffeine stimulates heat-producing processes in the cells, even the body temperature can rise slightly. It dilates the vessels in the bronchial system of the lungs: the muscles of the bronchi relax, breathing becomes easier. This is why caffeine is often given to premature babies to help them breathe. Another ingredient in coffee, niacin, is said to have a muscle-activating effect.

In addition, coffee stimulates kidney activity - but does not extract fluid from the body, as was long assumed! Caffeine, acids, tannins and bitter substances stimulate the peristalsis of the intestines and the secretion of bile. Both promote the digestive process.

Not only coffee antioxidants, but also the two lipids kahweol and cafestol protect our cells, especially liver cells. This has an effect on the entire organism, because the liver is our central detoxification organ. Incidentally, uric acid is not one of the intermediate or end products of the metabolism of caffeine, which is why coffee and caffeine are not problematic in gout.

For awake spirits!

For a drink that is capable of doing so much good in our bodies, we rely on the highest quality! To date, only a fraction of the more than 900 flavours of a good coffee have been researched. Future studies will prove many more effects that we simply feel so far.

Caffè is a drink for awake people - the classic drink of free spirits and free thinkers. Let your mind and senses be awakened by EMEC brands. We have revived centuries-old roasting methods and brought them to perfect maturity because we intuitively knew: these caffés are good for us - for our heart, our body, our mind. Today, science proves us right.

EMEC - pleasure that inspires!